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Community Programs

Gumby's Pizza® is very involved in the local communities where our stores are located. We feel giving back to our neighborhoods is extremely important and a responsibility of both big and small business. Below are some of the programs we offer.


Gumby's Pizza offers certificates at no charge to schools interested in giving pizza certificates for elementary and middle schools interested in rewarding students for achievement. They can be rewarded for a variety of achievements including attendance, reading progress, correct answers on quizzes, and solving math equations.

Fund Raising

Gumby's Pizza has a very attractive program for fund raising designed to raise money for charities, schools, sports teams, and other organizations. Gumby's will sell you Gumby Gift Cards for 50% of the face value of the cards. Your organization can sell the cards for 80% of the value of the cards. An example is if your organization bought 100 cards with a $20 face value on them for $10 a card. You could sell the cards $16 so the end user would be receiving a nice value. Your organization would have a $6 a card profit for each card sold. If you sold 100 cards you would generate $600 for your organization.

Volume Discounts

Gumby's Pizza offers bulk discounts to community organizations. Our bulk prices are as follows:

Contact fundraising@gumbyspizza.com for more information on any of these programs.